Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas from Amazon

Happy Monday Everyone! T minus one week until Halloween. I put together this quick bonus post in honor of one of my fav holidays 🙂 wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween!! This year I may have fallen into the category of putting my Halloween decor out a little too early… like the endContinue reading “Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas from Amazon”

Nursery Tour & Organization

Come take a peek inside Baby Girl Kahl’s nursery and see how Dylan & I organized and prepared for her arrival! Hi everyone, happy Friday!! It’s been a seriously long minute since I’ve posted here on Clyde’s Corner. I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to share, but this whole pregnancy thing is no jokeContinue reading “Nursery Tour & Organization”

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Friday Amazon Favorites: Fall Edition

Happy O C T O B E R everyone!!! If you know me, then you most likely know October is my favorite month. I love everything about it. I love pumpkins, crisp weather, whipped cream on my coffee, and the way my house smells from burning pumpkin scented candles 24/7. Not to mention… it’s myContinue reading “Friday Amazon Favorites: Fall Edition”

Home Renovations: Before & After

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Guess what day is it (other than hump-day of course)?! It’s the second day of Fall!!! If you follow me on social media, then you know I spent yesterday (which was the first official day of Fall) spreading pumpkins all over the house. This little pumpkin patch in our entryway brings meContinue reading “Home Renovations: Before & After”

A Photo Tour Of Our San Francisco Apartment

Exciting news alert!!! The Kahl’s are moving in July! Dylan and I knew that living in San Francisco was temporary, but the last year and a half has FLOWN by. I feel like just yesterday we were sitting in this apartment on the night we moved in, surrounded by boxes, drinking a bottle of wineContinue reading “A Photo Tour Of Our San Francisco Apartment”

Friday Amazon Find: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner & On-The-Go Pen

It’s FRIDAY!!! I love, LOVE, love these two products. Today is all about how to keep those diamond rings (or any jewelry) clean and SUPER sparkly ❤ Is it just me, or do other people have their rings cleaned every time they go to the mall? I always stop in a Kay Jewelers, or whatever’sContinue reading “Friday Amazon Find: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner & On-The-Go Pen”

Spring Cleaning Tips

Learn how to keep your stainless steel sparkling, your tub & shower soap scum-free, & your floors clean and disinfected all year long… with minimal effort! I love cleaning. I know some people HATE to clean, but maybe that’s because they’re making it harder on themselves than they need to. If you let messes andContinue reading “Spring Cleaning Tips”

Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

Come take a peek inside my bathroom cabinets & drawers, and find out how I keep my city-sized apartment bathroom organized all year long! Spring cleaning is SO satisfying, and a big part of that comes from organizing areas of your home that have gotten a little messy. When it comes to organizing, it’s allContinue reading “Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers”

6 Activities to Help with Quarantine-Induced Cabin Fever

With many of us working from home, feelings of cabin fever may be beginning to set in. Hopefully some of these activities will help make your work day, or weekend, feel a little more bearable as we stay home and practice social distancing. To those considered essential personnel and don’t have the option to stayContinue reading “6 Activities to Help with Quarantine-Induced Cabin Fever”