Friday Amazon Find: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner & On-The-Go Pen

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I love, LOVE, love these two products. Today is all about how to keep those diamond rings (or any jewelry) clean and SUPER sparkly ❤

Is it just me, or do other people have their rings cleaned every time they go to the mall? I always stop in a Kay Jewelers, or whatever’s nearest, and ask them to clean my rings– if you’ve never done this you should, it’s free and your ring looks brand new!

When I got engaged my sister gifted me this professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner which uses the same technology (ultrasonic sound waves) as those big fancy cleaners at the jewelers– best gift ever. I clean my rings once every 1-2 weeks and I’m amazed at how clean and how much they sparkle every time. This is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you try it; you never really notice that your jewelry is a little lackluster until it’s clean. Am I right?!

This cleaner is kind of addicting…

The machine is pretty small and stores easily and only requires tap water to run (I also add in a dash of this gemstone cleaner). It comes with a little basket inside to easily remove your jewelry and it’s automatic– it’s as simple as pressing start and letting it do its’ thing!

DISCLAIMER: The basket is awesome for taking jewelry out but DO NOT hold it over your sink… speaking from experience over here, trust me. I was cleaning my tiny Tiffany’s bean necklace (the necklace Dyl gave me on our wedding day, so it’s incredibly special to me) and I lifted the basket out right over the sink, the necklace fell through the slots and down the drain. Cue the panic. Jewelry and Murphy’s Law really love to go hand and hand, don’t they? Thankfully it was caught in the u-drain (I’m pretty sure that’s not actually what it’s called) but we were able to get it back. Thank God.

On a happier note, if you know anyone that just got engaged, this would make an awesome engagement gift! If you don’t wear a lot of jewelry you may still like this, the description says that it can be used to clean eyeglasses, watches (I don’t know about this one), utensils & “more”.

Okay, moving on to my other favorite way to keep my rings clean: The Diamond Dazzle Stik.

I found this diamond cleaning pen on Amazon and pretty much send it to anyone that gets engaged. I love it. I keep it in my purse always, so if I’m traveling, or just on-the-go, and notice my rings look a little dull I can quickly clean them. I don’t even take my rings off (mainly because taking them off in a public restroom scares me… a drain + murphy’s law = nightmare) but it works perfectly fine with them still on your hand.

The pen has a little brush at the end that you twist and jewelry cleaner comes out. I wet my ring under the sink and then brush it with the pen, rinse, and pat dry with a paper towel. Voila! Sparkly clean rings on-the-go! Whoever invented this is a genius.

Happy Friday guys! Me and my freshly cleaned and sparkly rings are taking a hard seltzer out to the patio to enjoy the sun before it’s gone– you never know in San Francisco.

XO Hayley

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I hope you enjoyed todays’ Friday Finds. If you have a jewelry cleaner that you love and swear by leave it in the comments below!


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