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Hi, I’m Hayley! I am a newlywed to my handsome husband Dylan ❤ . We were married in May 2019 in Riviera Maya, Mexico…it was a DREAM. Dylan and I are doggy parents (a job we take very seriously) to our mini goldendoodle, Wyatt. The three of us were living the fast-paced city life in downtown San Francisco up until recently when we moved to the suburbs in Chandler, Arizona. Things are changing fast for us, we found out we were expecting and bought our first home–all in the midst of a global pandemic! I grew up with strong Italian roots so my cooking and hosting genes are STRONG; there is nothing I love more than having my family and friends gathered around one table sharing in conversation… and of course a massive bowl of homemade spaghetti. I have a husband who loves to cook (I am SO lucky, I know) and he has 100% turned me into a foodie. We daydream about retiring early, traveling the world to eat at all of the best restaurants-hole in the walls, Michelin Star restaurants and everything in between. #GOALS. One of our favorite things to do is crack open a bottle of red wine, preferably from Capo Creek winery (our favorite), and cook dinner together. My background is in science and medicine; I have a bachelors in Biology and a masters in Biomedical Science and have worked in several different capacities in various medical specialties. I am currently pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant but desired an outlet for my creative side….hence this blog 🙂

I love my little bun in the oven and cannot wait to become a mother. I love to cook. I love to shop (& find killer deals). I love my husband. I love to clean and organize. I love sharing beauty and health tips & tricks. I love to make each day and occasion feel special for my family. I love pilates & BBG (if you know, you know). I love pasta, sour candy, & Harry Potter.

Hopefully this little corner of the internet will bring you some joy and you “walk” away with something to make your day, or life, a tad bit easier, or at the very least a smile. I want to get to know you all, let’s be friends!!

What to Expect to Find on Clyde’s Corner
  • Recipes
  • Fashion Deals & Amazon Finds
  • Organization & Cleaning Tricks
  • Beauty & Fitness Tips
  • And so much more!!

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