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Hi, I’m Hayley! I am a newlywed to my handsome husband Dylan ❤ . We were married last May in Riviera Maya, Mexico…it was a DREAM. Dylan and I are doggy parents (a job we take very seriously) to our mini goldendoodle, Wyatt. The three of us are living the fast-paced city life in downtown San Francisco. I grew up with strong Italian roots so my cooking and hosting genes are STRONG; there is nothing I love more than having my family and friends gathered around one table sharing in conversation… and of course a massive bowl of homemade spaghetti. I have a husband who loves to cook (I am SO lucky, I know) and he has 100% turned me into a foodie. We daydream about retiring early, traveling the world to eat at all of the best restaurants-hole in the walls, Michelin Star restaurants and everything in between. #GOALS. One of our favorite things to do is crack open a bottle of red wine, preferably from Capo Creek winery (our favorite), and cook dinner together. My background is in science and medicine; I have a bachelors in Biology and a masters in Biomedical Science and have worked in several different capacities in various medical specialties. I am currently pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant but desired an outlet for my creative side….hence this blog 🙂

I love to cook. I love to shop (& find killer deals). I love my husband. I love to clean and organize my tiny city apartment. I love sharing beauty and health tips & tricks. I love to make each day and occasion feel special for my family. I love pilates & BBG (if you know, you know). I love pasta, sour candy, & Harry Potter.

Hopefully this little corner of the internet will bring you some joy and you “walk” away with something to make your day, or life, a tad bit easier, or at the very least a smile. I want to get to know you all, let’s be friends!!

What to Expect to Find on Clyde’s Corner
  • Recipes
  • Fashion Deals & Amazon Finds
  • Organization & Cleaning Tricks
  • Beauty & Fitness Tips
  • And so much more!!

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