Home Renovations: Before & After

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Guess what day is it (other than hump-day of course)?!

It’s the second day of Fall!!! If you follow me on social media, then you know I spent yesterday (which was the first official day of Fall) spreading pumpkins all over the house.

This little pumpkin patch in our entryway brings me SO much joy!

Even though the house is still a major work in progress–Dylan’s poor office is a disaster zone–I HAD to get a few festive things out 🙂

I thought today, in honor of the beginning of my favorite season ever, I would share some of the before and afters of our home renovations!

Home updating is no joke peeps. I’ve watched a whole lot of HGTV so I should have been prepared for the delays and inevitable problems that would arise but I still managed to be flabbergasted every time our project manager called me– his calls were never happy news.

In the end, everything came together and we are SO happy with how it all turned out ❤

In phase one of the remodeling (before we moved in) we had new flooring put in throughout the entire house (when we purchased the home, there was CARPET IN THE BATHROOM–ew), replaced the teeny, tiny baseboards, and had the entire interior repainted.

Details on the specific paint colors, wood tile etc. that we picked will be in an upcoming post, so if you’re interested in the deets keep an eye out for that!

Before & After

Formal Dining Room

I still can’t believe what a difference floors, paint and baseboards make to a room. Next up in here is a new light fixture and something on the walls!

Guest Bathroom

Bye bye blue paint and laminate flooring.

Side Note: This bathroom runner is from AMAZON, I was really impressed with the quality and best part? It was such a steal; you can check it out here!

Laundry Room

We have a door in the laundry room that leads to our side yard, which is amazing, but all of that natural light coming in makes photographing it super difficult…but hopefully you get the gist.

Master Bathroom

In here we’re planning to change out the light fixtures, potentially paint the cabinets (jury’s still out on this one, what do you guys think??) and still need to decorate! And of course Wyatt wanted to show off his new haircut 😀


Things I’ve learned throughout this process that may be helpful to someone thinking of redoing a home or even a single room:

  • Paint can make big changes. Be sure to swatch your colors on multiple walls and in different rooms to see what it looks like in different lightings. A color can look beige/grey in one room and BLUE in another.
  • Lighting is HUGE. We swapped out all of our recessed can lighting with white LED replacements and the impact was amazing. Our house went from a weird yellow color to bright white… it was like magic.
  • Big baseboards are bomb. I realize this is more of an opinion. I can honestly say baseboards are not something I’ve EVER noticed but replacing the really low ones with 5 1/4 inch bad boys made every single room look so much more elegant. We purchased and painted the boards ourselves to save money and then had them professionally installed!
  • Do as much of the demo as you can. We ripped out all the carpet and laminate ourselves (with help from family & friends) and we were able to save a ton. We were really lucky because the only tile in the entire house was a small patch by the front door, we left that for the flooring guys to take care of.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell/ask those you’ve hired to fix or redo something that wasn’t done to your standards. This was difficult for me–but we were paying a lot of money for these services and I wanted them done properly. My advice, if you’re not in the home while the renovations are being done, visit often and take tons of pictures of the progress–including before. We were so happy with the work done but did have a few touchups here and there. Everyone was really understanding about coming back out!

We still have a long ways to go but are making progress! I didn’t share pictures of our kitchen, bedrooms or family room but I promise they’ll be making an appearance soon 😉

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I hope you guys enjoyed some of our before & afters! Let me know what you think of the house updates so far and leave any tips you may have for home remodeling in the comments below 🙂

XOXO Hayley


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