Nursery Tour & Organization

Come take a peek inside Baby Girl Kahl’s nursery and see how Dylan & I organized and prepared for her arrival!

Hi everyone, happy Friday!!

It’s been a seriously long minute since I’ve posted here on Clyde’s Corner. I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to share, but this whole pregnancy thing is no joke and has kept me pretty busy. You know that feeling when you want to take a toothbrush and scrub the drawer that sits underneath your oven? No? Just me? Cool. These COMPLETELY NECESSARY tasks have kept me very very busy.

We are officially less than 1 week out from Baby Girl Kahl’s due date! I can’t even believe it… except that I totally can because everything hurts and I’m feeling comparable to a whale that walks like a penguin. It’s really quite the site to behold 🙂

Dyl and I are SO ready to meet this little sweet pea.

The carseat is installed, the burp clothes are washed and folded (and then refolded and refolded), the nursery’s set up, and the house has been deep cleaned one too many times. #Nesting. All that’s left to do is have a baby! Woohoo (but also, insert terrified face).

With the help of trusty Pinterest, I’ve done as much preparing as I can. From organizing drawers to setting up little baby/changing stations all over the house (and stocking up on coffee), Dylan and I are as ready as we can be 🙂

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the nursery and a few of the ways I’ve prepared around the house for her arrival!

I share these pictures knowing full well that once she’s born there may be more functional or convenient ways to organize or do things–but we’ve never had a baby before so this is where we’re starting! I’ve also linked some of the items we ordered or were gifted, but since we haven’t actually used them yet I can’t really recommend anything. Once she’s born I will review all of our favorites!

Come take a peek 😀

Baby Girl Kahl’s Nursery

Our goal for her nursery was to make it incredibly functional, feminine, dainty and overall a serene & calming space. I sit in her rocker every single day–it’s so relaxing ❤

Her chandelier makes the most beautiful patterns on all the walls at night, the lights dance around–it’s pretty magical.

We decided on the Nanit baby monitor after having several friends recommend it (you can see it mounted on the wall next to her crib). From what we’ve seen so far I have a feeling we’re going to love it. Anytime one of us walks near her crib we get a notification on our phone letting us know her crib has been “attended”. It also has a built-in nightlight and sound machine! We purchased the Nanit stand for our bedroom–the little camera part just pops off making it incredibly mobile. I will let you guys know what we think of it once she’s born!

And in usual Kahl fashion, there are of course subtle touches of Harry Potter throughout her nursery 🙂
This Harry Potter Pottery Barn crib sheet (say that three times fast) is one of my favorite things in her room! It has the sweetest Dumbledore quote: “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be” ❤

How We Organized Her Dresser/Changing Station

We went with the Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser as her changing station and also purchased the Ikea cube storage for the drawers. On top we have the Skip Hop Changing pad, Hatch sound machine, Frida Baby humidifier, hand sanitizer and lotion.

The top four drawers in order from left to right are 1) Bibs/socks/hats/headbands. 2) Easy-use swaddles/sleeper gowns. 3) Diapers/wipes/diaper creams etc. 4) Anything health related (Tylenol/gripe water/nasal suction)/nail clippers & brush/pacifiers & teethers.

I added these little labels to the storage cubes with gold alligator clips (for easy updating and changing out). I thought this would help Dylan, and a sleep-deprived me, grab what we need without unfolding an entire drawer–seriously all baby stuff looks the same once it’s folded up.

Did anyone else have to Google how to fold baby clothes???

The large drawer on the left holds all swaddle blankets & burp clothes. The drawer on the right holds all newborn-sized onesies/footed pj’s/leggings & diaper covers. All of her cute outfits and dresses are hanging in the closet!

The bottom left drawer holds blankets, extra crib sheets and extra waterproof mattress protectors. The bottom right drawer holds all of the 0-3 month onesies/footed pj’s/leggings etc. My plan is to move everything up to the drawer above once she grows into this size and then wash the next size and put it into this bottom drawer.

How We Organized Her Closet

This little sweet pea is so spoiled with her walk-in closet ❤

We have her diaper pail and hamper stored in here, as well as a cube-storage shelf (not seen in this picture). All of her newborn to 0-3 month outfits/dresses/rompers are washed and hanging

I used these labeled cubes on top for additional storage of: 1) Diaper Pail Refills. 2) Backstock–this includes extras of diaper creams, shampoo, body wash etc. 3) Moby baby carrier (this is quite bulky so I have it in its own bin). 4) Too small— I’m hoping this system works out. This bin is for when we go to put something on her and it no longer fits. This way it doesn’t get mixed back in with her clothes or put in the hamper to be washed and then eventually back in her drawer just to repeat the process.

This is the cube storage in the back of her closet. It’s still kind of a work in progress. These cubes hold larger clothes sizes that haven’t been washed yet and the one on the bottom holds extra accessories such as sun-hats/sunglasses/noise cancelling headphones etc.

Baby Stations Throughout the House

Guest Bathroom

Since my last post Dyl and I have done some kitchen updating (bye-bye weird green countertops!), including a giant kitchen sink perfect for bathing newborns 😀 . I put together a basket in our guest bath that can be easily transported back and forth, it contains everything we’ll need for bath time!

I found this sweet baby basket at TJ Max!

Family Room

In our family room I set up a nursing/changing station using this adorable caddy that matches our room decor and blends in seamlessly. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is stored in the cabinet right below the diaper caddy (though I’m sure it will be left out more often than not…at least it has a home for when people come over and i’m frantically trying to tidy up and shoving things in crazy places–you know what I mean). I made sure to clear out a ton of space in these cabinets to store baby products that I haven’t accounted for yet! For being so tiny babies have a lot of stuff… like a lot of stuff.

The caddy holds diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, swaddles/burp clothes and my pump. The other pump parts that will get sanitized regularly have their own basket in the kitchen.

Linen Closet

I ordered these cute storage bins a while back to organize our linen closet and used those same tags with gold alligator clips to label them! I decided to dedicate two of the baskets in here to wipes and diapers. Instead of having to pull from those giant boxes of diapers and wipes (which are stored in our guest room closet), I plan to use this as a restocking station for all of our little changing areas around the house.

Please don’t judge my basket obsession–I blame Marie Kondo and The Home Edit. If you haven’t watched The Home Edit on Netflix stop reading this immediately and go watch it. By the end of the day you’ll be knee deep in reorganizing every nook in cranny in your home, I promise.

Play Room

Remember our dining room? I did a post on the transformation that you can see HERE, well we are converting it into a playroom haha. This is what we have set up thus far. Dylan and I figured that we can work on it and adapt the room to her needs as she grows. Right now this foam mat and these activities gyms are about all she’ll need.

Also, how cute is this play mat?! It’s reversible–the other side has tons of animals on it!

In addition to these little stations throughout the house, we also have a changing station set up in our bedroom next to her Halo bassinet since she will be sleeping in our room for the first few months 🙂 ! Buh-BYE sleep! I’m only kidding… I haven’t slept in MONTHS.

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Thanks for stopping by Clyde’s Corner I hope you have an amazing Friday!! If you have any newborn tips/tricks/product recommendations for new parents drop them in the comments below, Dyl and I will take all the advice we can get ❤

XOXO Hayley


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