Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas from Amazon

Happy Monday Everyone! T minus one week until Halloween.

I put together this quick bonus post in honor of one of my fav holidays 🙂 wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween!!

This year I may have fallen into the category of putting my Halloween decor out a little too early… like the end of September early–Dylan started noticing things randomly all over the house and bless him for not calling me out LOL. BUT there have been a few years where I was frantically decorating last minute. If that’s you this year don’t worry I have a few fun & inexpensive ideas to spook-ify your house!

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Disclosure: Some of the link below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Spooky Bats

This is probably my favorite Halloween decoration EVER. I’ve had these little guys all over my house over the years–on my kitchen cabinets, in our giant cutout (that we’ve finally purchased art for after 2 years), on the front door, and this year they are in our entryway! Not only are they super easy to put up, they’re only $5.99 on Amazon.

This could be the only thing you put up and this year and your house would be considered perfectly decorated for Halloween. Easy Peasy.

Click HERE to shop

Black Candle Sticks

What I love most about the matte black candle sticks is that you can use them year round in your home decor, they only become spooky when need them too! My candle sticks in my entryway are from Ikea but Amazon has an awesome look alike that will arrive before Halloween!

Click HERE to shop

Spider Webs

By far the cheapest, easiest Halloween decor that will give you the most dramatic affect. I always put these in our family room on our bookshelves but you can also use them outdoors on your bushes or front door too! I like to add spiders hung with command hooks for an extra spooky vibe 🙂

Click HERE to shop

Black & White Striped Doormat

This is another item that you can use to quickly transform your front door for Halloween but will totally work all year long (clearly the picture is showing it used around Christmas). SCORE. I like to layer mine with a seasonal mat on top of it but you can absolutely use it on its own. Black and white stripes are never a bad idea ❤

Click HERE to shop

LED Candles

Throw some LED candles around your front door on your new black and white striped doormat 😉 or inside your carved pumpkins and all the kiddos will know your house is open for candy business!

Click HERE to shop

Halloween Dish Towels

Switching out the decorative dish towels in your kitchen, or even the hand towels in your powder room is super fast and instantly make the space feel ready for any holiday. It’s a great way to add a little bit of Halloween without adding any clutter!

Click HERE to shop

Ceramic Decorative Pumpkins

In addition to the real pumpkins that we all already have carved and out by our front door (JUST KIDDING we absolutely still need to get, and carve pumpkins) these adorable ceramic decorative pumpkins would be perfect on a bookshelf or in the kitchen! They are super chic and add just a touch of elegance to Halloween ❤

Click HERE to shop

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

I hope you enjoyed these last minute decorating tips ❤

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