It’s A Boy!

Oops we did it again! This time it’s a boy

Dylan and I are so excited to share that we’re expanding our family and welcoming a baby boy in early January.

Today marks 29 weeks of pregnancy so clearly this post is LONG overdue. There’s something about being pregnant, while also staying home with an 18 month old, that makes getting even the most simplest of tasks done incredibly difficult. I’m talking just drinking water and eating regular meals LOL…so getting a blog post together has felt like a lot. But here we are and i’m so happy to finally have found the time to put some work into Clyde’s Corner because I truly love it here!!

28 WEEK BUMP-DATE ❤ dress linked HERE

I’m incredibly excited (and just a touch nervous) about joining the two under two club…if you’re a member please send all the tips and tricks my way please and thank you 🙂

Now that I’ve been through this whole process once before, I feel more comfortable sharing some of the things that have helped make pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum and life with a baby a little bit easier!

My next few posts will be all about my favorite pregnancy products and some bump-friendly outfits, so look out for those if you’re expecting or know someone who’s expecting 🙂 Today’s post is just a little recap of how I found out about baby boy Clyde. It’s mainly for me so I don’t forget but I hope that you all enjoy reading along too ❤

Finding Out

Once again, Dylan called it before me. Seriously, how does he keep doing this?? (If you haven’t read the story of how I found out I was pregnant with our Goldie girl, you can check it out HERE.)

At the end of April, Dylan, Goldie and I went to Home Depot (to load up on some plants) and as we were getting out of the car I told Dyl how overwhelming the smell of all the plants was. He immediately said “I think you’re pregnant”. I truly couldn’t believe he said that, and honest to God I turned to him and said “I’ve been pregnant before I think I would know”. I am laughing out loud as I type this.

Dyl’s comment got in my head. I had been feeling more tired but Goldie had JUST turned one so that seemed pretty normal… and not a sign I was pregnant.

Needless to say as soon as we got home I took a pregnancy test. It was “negative”. It was one of those line tests that you have to wait the full amount of time to see the results and spoiler alert I definitely didn’t wait the full time amount before I threw it away.

A week later I was starting to get a little suspicious. On May 4th (our three year wedding anniversary) Dylan was in a meeting and Goldie was taking the longest nap ever and quite honestly I was a little bored, so I decided to take another test. This time it was the digital kind (in my opinion this is the way to go). Those little dots flashed for what felt like ten minutes before popping up PREGNANT.

I stood at my bathroom sink totally shocked. Elated, but SHOCKED. About two seconds later I tore our trashcan apart to see if that negative test from the week before was still at the bottom–it was. And guess what? It was definitely positive. I had gone an entire week with a positive test in my trash.

Of course that was my last test. So I ran to the store and then proceeded to take three more, all positive. Why do we do this LOL??

I decided to tell Dylan over dinner.

I truly don’t know how he knew, but he KNEW. On his lunch break he asked me if I was planning on telling him I was pregnant over dinner and I had literally JUST found out for sure. I pretended to be insulted, as one does, and he immediately dropped it…I did feel a little bad 😀

Just as Mr. Kahl predicted, I wrapped one of the tests inside of his anniversary gift that I gave him at dinner. He tore that thing open so fast, not paying any attention to the beautiful monogrammed leather dot kit I had had made for him, he was hunting for that test. He knew it. He knew it before me (again). And he was SO happy ❤

The Gender

This time around I did the genetic testing and opted to find out the gender that way–we didn’t do this with Goldie.

My pregnancy has been so similar to my first that I just assumed it was another girl. With both pregnancies I was pretty sick and lost weight in my first trimester, had lovely hormonal acne (lucky me) and was exhausted. Pregnancy looks really good on me LOL.

With both babies we didn’t have a preference either way, but with Goldie both Dylan and I thought she was a boy, and this baby felt like another girl to both of us.

The genetic testing results came in with the gender early in the morning. We had planned to go out to breakfast with Goldie and open it then but as soon as the email came in, me and Dyl both knew there was no way we were waiting.

Laying in bed with Goldie girl between us we opened the email and it said BOY. Once again we were so surprised… but over the moon 🙂

We can’t wait to meet you baby boy!!!!

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