Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

Come take a peek inside my bathroom cabinets & drawers, and find out how I keep my city-sized apartment bathroom organized all year long!

Spring cleaning is SO satisfying, and a big part of that comes from organizing areas of your home that have gotten a little messy. When it comes to organizing, it’s all about the bins. Big bins, small bins, bins that fit inside of other bins– the more the better! I use different sized containers just about everywhere in my home, but their most noticeable effect is in the bathroom. In this first part of my spring cleaning series, I’ll share tips on how I keep my bathroom — the drawers, under the sink, and the linen cabinet — organized all year long!

The first step to getting these areas tidied up: TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. It’s going to look worse before it gets better… so make sure you have a cup of coffee on hand to get you through this part; seriously, this part can be quite traumatic. After everything is out on your counter, sort through it. Throw away old and expired products and make piles for items you no longer use and may want to donate (though I don’t know how many items in the bathroom are really donation-worthy). Once you’re looking at only the things you want, wipe down your cabinets & drawers and get to organizing!

Bathroom Drawers:

Bathroom drawers can be tricky to organize as they’re typically very long and narrow; perfect for haphazardly throwing items into them. For most of us, the products in these drawers often get lost and expire, and the drawer itself ends up being a sticky mess from leaking tubes and creams. Gross. My first tip for organizing drawers: put down drawer liner. Not only is the lining aesthetically pleasing, it also keeps the base of the drawer clean. When it comes time to clean and/or move, just remove the liner and the base of your drawer looks the same as when you moved in!

I usually use leftover liner from my kitchen cabinets!

Next, use different sized and shaped containers for organizing. You can purchase containers specifically for organizing or use things that you already have around the house. Get creative; I store my cotton balls in an old Kate Spade jewelry box (see image above)! The items I put into my drawers are things that I use every single day— they live right next to my sink and are easily accessible.

Any products that I use on a daily basis that don’t fit into my drawers (either due to limited space or the size of the item) I set out on a decorative tray. This keeps my go-to products within arm’s reach, and it also makes putting them away super simple. If you use something regularly, it should be equally as easy to get out as it is to put away. If something requires extra energy to put back, chances are, it won’t be; it will likely be left out on the counter until the next time you use it. Keep this in mind when organizing– make things easier for yourself, not harder!


I mainly use the space under my sink to store my bath towels; typically, I would put them into a linen cabinet, but ours is very shallow and the towels just don’t fit. I use storage bins with drawers to separate my hand towels and wash cloths (upper drawer) from body towels (lower drawer). You can see how I’ve organized them below. Additionally, I have a basket with bathroom-specific cleaning supplies and toilet paper stored on the opposite side (not pictured because who really wants to see my toilet paper– am I right?!).

That wicker basket peeking out is filled with my bathroom cleaning supplies!

Linen Cabinet:

As I mentioned, I would normally store my towels in a linen cabinet, but the dimensions of this one just don’t allow for that– the shelves are very shallow! This is where my beloved bins really come into play. Open-bins store most of our regularly used, but not necessarily everyday, personal hygiene & beauty products. I organize the containers by category: for example, makeup, perfume/cologne, hair accessories (clips, headbands etc.), & blow dryer. Keep in mind that my organizational categories may be completely different from yours! Using containers without a lid makes these regularly used items easy to grab & put away quickly. Another way to make these easily accessible is to store them around eye-level; I store mine on the first two shelves in my linen cabinet!

Closed-lid storage containers store items that are rarely or less-frequently used– for me this includes backup products (toothpaste, razors, makeup, etc.) and beauty samples (because throwing them away is just too painful). These bins are stored on the top shelf as it’s the hardest for me to reach and I rarely need to get into them. A good rule of thumb when organizing is to place items frequently used within arms reach, and less used items on higher (or lower) shelves!

Happy organizing & keep an eye out for the second part of my spring cleaning series!


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