A Photo Tour Of Our San Francisco Apartment

Exciting news alert!!! The Kahl’s are moving in July!

Dylan and I knew that living in San Francisco was temporary, but the last year and a half has FLOWN by. I feel like just yesterday we were sitting in this apartment on the night we moved in, surrounded by boxes, drinking a bottle of wine and looking out from our balcony, in awe of the city.

Living in SF has been an adventure for us but we are ready for the next chapter to begin! I’ll share the deets on where we are headed in a later post, but for now, before we start to pack this place up, I wanted to document our tiny city apartment… and thought I would bring you guys along for the ride 🙂

I pointed out & linked some of the items that I absolutely love throughout our home. If something catches your eye and I haven’t linked it or mentioned it, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to share where I found it!

I also want to mention that I’m using the term tour very loosely…. basically as soon as you walk in our front door you can see 90% of our apartment, soooo it’s more like photos from different angles & not so much a photo tour haha.

Either way, I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better by taking a peak inside of our home!

The Kitchen

One of the things I loved immediately about this apartment was the backsplash in the kitchen… how cute are those blue subway tiles!? Even though we don’t have a ton of space I’m really grateful for how big our kitchen is– a lot of pasta has been made on that island! Our front door is right behind that sleeping doodle (who I couldn’t bare to wakeup just to take a picture ❤ ).

Fun Fact: That picture hanging all the way to the right, is actually a drawing (done from a picture) of Me, Dylan, Wyatt & Toby (my little yorkie-poo that has since passed away). It was a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law a few years ago ❤

This coat closet is right next to the front door and kitchen, and doubles as our pantry & shoe storage. Those grey striped baskets on top are our (nonperishable) breakfast foods/snacks/dinner items (in that order). Thank God we live above a Whole Foods. We usually just run downstairs to grab what we need for the next few days, that way we don’t have to store too many things– I honestly don’t know where we would put it #cityliving.

The Dining Room

Having an apartment with an actual dining space was supper important to me! Mostly because I have this dining table that was my Nana’s ❤ but also because Dyl and I like to sit down at a table to eat dinner– we’re crazy I know.

Our dining area doesn’t have any overhead lights (so weird), so we put up remote operated lights in all four corners! They are super easy to use and install. I highly recommend them if you have an area that needs a little extra light– you can check them out here!

The Living Room

I love the giant window in here, it makes it feel way bigger and more open. Those shudders slide open and there is a small juliet balcony out there. Wyatt can’t even turn around on it– he can go out the door in the living room and either has to back up or come inside the other end (the door in our bedroom). SMALL.

This is the view from our living room, that tall building is the Salesforce tower. It’s particularly beautiful at night all lit up!

This entertainment center (AKA my childhood dresser) doubles as our linen storage– there’s zero room in the bedroom to store extra sheets and blankets so they live out here!

Fun Fact: All those blankets in the basket next to our bookshelf were knitted by my Momma ❤ she’s so talented.

If you couldn’t tell from our bookshelf, we are #newlyweds and huge Harry Potter fans 😀 Have you guys seen the HP illustrated books?! They’re amazing.

Our bookshelf is from amazon and was super affordable, you can check it out here!

The Bedroom

Our bedroom is really small and basically just fits our king sized bed and one nightstand, but to me it feels cozy! Again, that giant window helps make the room feel bigger and more open. Just like in the living room the shudders slide open to our juliet balcony– we don’t actually go out there but I keep my plants out there 🙂

I like to keep our bedroom pretty neutral and relaxing. Our bed frame took me forever to pick out (we slept with our mattress/boxspring directly on the floor for like 3 months), but I am very happy with this one! To check out our exact bed click here!

If you’re looking at those stairs at the bottom of our bed… they’re for Wyatt.

Okay, here’s the deal– Wyatt is only 7 and he can 100% still jump on our bed (I know this because I watch him do it when he thinks I’m not looking) but most of the time he acts like he can’t. Dylan and I spent 2 whole months waking up 5-10 times each night because Wyatt would jump off the bed to get water (or a toy, or whatever it is that dogs so desperately need at 3:30 in the morning) and then he wouldn’t be able to get back on to the bed. He wouldn’t bark but he would paw at whatever body part was close enough for him to reach. It was SO annoying. We finally broke down and got him these stairs and never looked back. We no longer care that he’s a total liar because we are well rested 🙂 If you are in need of pet steps click here!

The Laundry/Storage

Our dining area is right in front of Wyatt, the bedroom is on the left and the bathroom is on the right– just for reference. Having an in-unit washer and dryer is such a luxury in SF, as is all of this storage space!!

Fun Fact: See those framed leaves on the wall? They’re from the tree that Dylan proposed to me under in Michigan. We both took a leaf from it and I preserved them and mounted them ❤ it’s one of my favorite pieces ever.

The Bathroom

Whelp, it’s a bathroom, and again very neutral and kind of boring.

How cute are these embroidered robes from Pottery Barn?! They were Christmas gifts from my parents this year ❤

If you’re interested in how I organized my bathroom cabinets and drawers you can check out my post on it here!

Wyatt’s Areas


These pictures of Wyatt crack me up– he looks like he is giving a tour of all of his things LOL.

Also, let’s be real, all areas of this apartment are Wyatt’s.

That wraps up our apartment “tour”! Thanks for stopping by Clyde’s Corner and peaking inside of our home. We are ready to move on (don’t worry I will bring you guys along 🙂 ) but have made amazing memories here that we will carry with us forever ❤

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If there was something that caught your eye in my photo tour that I didn’t mention or link, drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you! Also, if you have any moving tips leave them in the comments!

XOXO Hayley

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! Your home is inviting and cozy. I can’t wait to see were we go next. Thank your taking us along with you.

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