It’s A Girl!


Today is my birthday πŸ™‚ so I thought it was the right time to share the best gift that Dylan and I have ever been blessed with…

We are SO excited to finally announce that we are expecting a baby girl this coming March ❀

One week from today marks the halfway point of my pregnancy–I seriously can’t believe it. Time is flying by!

This wonderful news is actually one of the reasons for my extended absence from Clyde’s Corner; Baby Girl Kahl was trying to kill me for the first 12 weeks or so… I’m totally kidding. BUT I was really sick and sitting at my computer blogging was absolutely the farthest thing from my brain for the entire first trimester.

Finding Out

The story of how we found out about our sweet bun in the oven is actually kind of funny.

While we were back in San Francisco packing up our apartment (the week before moving to Phoenix) Dylan kept telling me, and I quote, “girl you pregnant”. I was like What? No I’m not.

I’ve always felt that I’m pretty in sync with myself and my body… and ABSOLUTELY would know if I were pregnant.

I told Dyl countless times over a three or four day period that I was sure I wasn’t. Because I was so sure that I wasn’t pregnant, I ordered my pregnancy tests from Amazon and waited several days for them to show up. Who does that?? This girl.

While I waited for them to arrive, I continued packing up our tiny SF apartment and completely ignored my supersonic sense of smell, on-and-off nausea and raging hormonal acne (I was convinced it was totally mask related). I’m laughing as I type this as all I can hear right now is Dylan’s voice in my head saying “girl you pregnant” because looking back it was pretty obvious.

When my tests arrived I waited until Dylan was distracted (he was on hold with U-Haul–ah the joys of moving) and snuck off to prove to him, and myself, that the stick would read “not pregnant”. As I was sitting there watching the fancy little test screen blinking (meaning it’s not ready to read yet), I grabbed my phone and started recording it. I have no idea what made me do it. Two seconds after the video recording started it flashed “Pregnant”.

I was shocked. Shocked in the best possible way. I opened the bathroom door, walked out and stood there dumbfounded, surrounded by moving boxes and just held it up to Dyl. Naturally, I forgot that my phone was recording, so I have an incredibly shaky/blurry video of our reactions that I will cherish forever ❀

Oh and in case you were wondering, he totally hung up on U-Haul πŸ˜€

Gender Reveal

Fast forwarding through the entire first trimester, because who wants to hear about my morning sickness, let’s talk gender–we found out about 3 weeks ago!

Again, I was completely wrong.

I was 100% sure this babe was a boy. Dyl and I didn’t (and don’t) have a preference but my newly-instated mommy intuition was like hey this is definitely a boy so mentally prepare for that.

With the way everything is right now Dylan still can’t come to my doctors appointments, so when they were able to tell the gender, they put the results in an envelope…which they sealed really well. That was the heaviest envelope I’ve ever carried. I may or may not have held it up to the light…but of course they use the expensive heavy weight envelopes so thankfully I saw nothing.

We decided to go out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants (that we used to go to back when we first started dated) and open it together there.

The face of a VERY excited/anxious daddy-to-be!

We RIPPED the envelope open as soon as we ordered and there, on that tiny piece of paper in bold black letters, were the words “It’s A Girl“.

I. Was. Shocked. (Yet again). After that initial moment of surprise, I thought of course she’s a girl how could she be anything else ❀

We were, and still are, overjoyed.

We spent all of dinner talking about names and day dreaming about our future with our daughter.

I cried (happy tears of course) about a thousand times during dinner #hellopregnancyhormones and at the end of the evening our waitress brought out sparking water with pink sorbet in it to celebrate Baby Girl Kahl!

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Thanks for reading.

XOXO Hayley


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