6 Activities to Help with Quarantine-Induced Cabin Fever

With many of us working from home, feelings of cabin fever may be beginning to set in. Hopefully some of these activities will help make your work day, or weekend, feel a little more bearable as we stay home and practice social distancing. To those considered essential personnel and don’t have the option to stayContinue reading “6 Activities to Help with Quarantine-Induced Cabin Fever”

Quick & Simple Tomato Sauce

When it comes to sauciness (tomato that is), my hubby and I are very different. While I prefer to go easy on the sauce, Dyl pretty much treats sauce like a soup. Whether I’m making spaghetti, ravioli or eggplant parm, I always set out a gravy boat for my sauce-loving man. Regardless of whether youContinue reading “Quick & Simple Tomato Sauce”