My Monthly Favorites: March

Happy April everyone!!

I’ve been MIA the last few weeks on Clyde’s Corner because sickness took the Kahl’s OUT. The day after Goldie girls 1st birthday party I got sick…then Dylan got sick…then Goldie got sick. She’s finally feeling better, but March ended up being slightly more exhausting than anticipated.

My house basically looks like it got hit by a tornado, soo I’ll be spending the next week tackling that.

Coming up this month, I’m sharing my all of my promised posts from last month! I know several of you were really looking forward to my individual chicken pot pie recipe (it’ll be here next week, yay!) I’m also sharing all of the details of Goldie Girls 1st birthday–it was seriously so much fun ❤

Today I’m sharing all of my March favorites! If you missed my Monthly Favs from February you can check that post out HERE.

Thanks again for being here ❤ Don’t forget to subscribe below to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening here on Clyde’s Corner. More importantly, I hope you enjoy all of my March Favorites!

My Monthly Favorites

1. Evenflo Swivel Carseat

Goldie finally outgrew her infant carseat (we had the Uppababy Mesa infant carseat) so I’ve been on the hunt for the past few weeks for a replacement. I stumbled upon the Evenflo Revolve 360 carseat on instagram and after doing a bunch of comparison and research, I pulled the trigger.


Obviously you need to do your own diligence when it comes to safety (because I’m just a mom without any professional carseat choosing qualifications…if there are any) but for us this seat has been life changing. Not only is it comfortable for Goldie girl & aesthetically pleasing for me, it swivels 360 degrees so you can load your bebe into the seat hassle-free. Once you have them strapped in, there’s a one-handed lever that allows you to rotate them either rear-facing or forward-facing (depending on your little ones age/size).

I feel like I could go on and on about this seat… and maybe I will in another post, but today it’s just getting a quick shoutout as my favorite item purchased in March!!

Click HERE to shop

2. Amazon Puff Sleeve Dress

I ordered this long sleeve puff dress in 2 different colors and ended up keeping both because I loved it so much! I wore the yellow floral print for Goldie’s birthday party, but also ordered it in light blue. If you’re eyeing my sisters blue dress it’s from Abercrombie 😉

It’s so comfortable and light weight and was super easy to chase after a one year old in 😉 Her little feet just kill me ❤

I can’t wait to share the rest of the details from Goldie’s party later this month!

Click HERE to shop my dress

3. Gathre Mini High Chair Mat

Introducing new foods has been one of our absolute favorite things to do with Goldie, and our girl LOVES to eat! As much as I love watching her eat, I feel like we clean up more food off of the floor than she actually ingests sometimes. I was considering using one of those plastic shower curtains under her high chair to make clean-ups a little easier when I saw someone using these Gathre mats!

First off they’re ADORABLE! I snagged the mini in the palm green color. Secondly, the bonded leather surface makes clean-ups a breeze. Lastly, they can be used for way more than a high chair mat! This would be perfect for a play mat under a sensory bin, a portable tummy time area, or a mat underneath messy arts and crafts . They also have a hook in one of the corners so you can hang it for quick storage (Goldies is hanging in her playroom!)

Click HERE to shop

4. Toddler Water Table

This was one of Goldie’s birthday presents from Dylan and me this year and it has been such a hit. The weather has already started heating up here in Arizona and some type of water play is essential. She loves the rainfall feature and the little frog sling shot! This bad boy keeps her entertained all morning and afternoon.

Click HERE to shop

5. Hunt A Killer Game

My sister recommended this Hunt A Killer game and it was a ton of fun. Basically it’s like an at-home escape room/murder mystery. There are codes that need cracked, locks that need opened and tons of different clues–literally everything is clue. I loved it.

Once you solve the game you can’t replay it, so it’s more of a stay-in date night type of game, but totally worth it!

There are several different options to choose from, we did: Hunt A Killer Death At The Dive Bar.

Click HERE to shop

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