Amazon Find: Lululemon Dupe

Happy Tuesday! If you’re like me, and LOVE the holidays, then I hope you had a magical Valentine’s Day full of love, chocolates, snuggles, diamonds (okay maybe not diamonds… but also I kind of hope your day WAS full of diamonds because that would amazing). AND if you’re someone who is revolted by Valentine’s Day and thinks it’s dumb, I hope you didn’t have to encounter a single heart-shaped anything and managed to avoid seeing anything pink or red.

Regardless of which category you fall into, I hope that some of you decided to try out my Eggplant Parm recipe from last week that I recommended for an at-home V-Day! If you missed it you can check it out here 🙂

Today, is dedicated to one of my favorite pairs of pants which just happen to be a DUPE.

Personally, I love a good dupe. I mean who doesn’t?

I promise you, this one will not disappoint.

I first ordered these Lululemon High Rise pants back in 2020 and 2 years later i’m still obsessed with them. They’re great because you can wear them as athleisure or pair them with a cute top and flats and you instantly have a work-appropriate outfit.

Here’s how i styled them

Although in my opinion totally worth it, the Lululemons’ are $118, which I know is sometimes painful to spend on athleisure.

**Enter Amazon Dupe**

I was THRILLED when I stumbled upon the CRZ YOGA lounge pants on Amazon. When I tell you that these are a good dupe, I mean these are a GOOD dupe.

The black pants on the left are Lululemon and the blue pants on the right are from Amazon

Everything from the feel of the material, to the location of logo is spot on. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the best part, these Amazon dupes are only $32. YUP, you’re welcome 😉 . [For reference, I’m wearing a size 4 in Lululemon & a small in the Amazon dupe]

Side-by-Side Comparison

Back of the Amazon Dupe

The only differences I’ve noticed are the pants from Amazon are slightly longer and a tiny bit less fitted (potentially sizing down to an xs may have solved this!). I ordered the dupes in dark blue and the Lululemons’ are true black–but they both come in multiple colors!


You can grab the CRZ YOGA Lulu Dupes HERE

Click HERE for the Lululemons 🙂

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