My Monthly Favorites

Happy February!!

How is it already February?! Scratch that, how is it already 2022?? I still feel like we’re in 2020.

Welcome back to Clyde’s Corner, I’m seriously so happy you stopped by. It’s been what seems like forever since I’ve been here, but I couldn’t be happier to be back in action! I have some really exciting things planned for Clyde’s Corner this year & hope you continue to follow along ❤

Coming up this month, I’m sharing THE BEST eggplant parmesan recipe (the perfect dinner for an at-home Valentine’s Day), A super affordable Lululemon dupe from Amazon, & at the end of the month I’m showing you how to throw together a simple, yet impressive, Trader Joe’s meat and cheese Charcuterie board!

Today’s post is dedicated to some of my favorite things; i’m sharing all of my most-used, and favorite items from January!

Thanks again for being here ❤

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My Monthly Favorites

1. Milk Frother

I put this milk frother on my Christmas list this year and i’m OBSESSED.

I’ve used it every. single. day. Sometimes more than once. New momma over here so obviously I can never have JUST ONE cup of coffee (It’s nice to have something to blame my obscene coffee consumption on now 😎 )

The amount of thick foamy goodness this frother makes from just a teeny tiny amount of milk or cream is impressive.

It’s stainless steal and blends into my decor seamlessly. The cleanup is a breeze and it has a pretty small footprint so even if you’re short on counter space this frother is worth the small amount of precious kitchen real estate it takes up.

Considering my makeup is roughly 50% coffee you better believe not only did this bad boy make it on to ‘My Monthly Favs‘, but it’s holding down the #1 spot. #TeamCoffeeForLife 😎

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2. Bath Caddy

I love, love, LOVE baths. So much so that a big comfy bathtub was on my list of must-haves when we were buying our house.

BATHS ARE LIFE. **said in Dani Rojas’ voice** (Any Ted Lasso fans?)

I want bubbles, bath salts, bath bombs, candles, a glass of wine … or a cup of tea (depending on the type of day I’ve had) and this bath caddy caters to all of my bath wants & needs. Serious game changer in the bath department. It has a stand for a book/phone/ipad, a slot for a wine glass, a landing for a cup of tea or a candle or whatever you want, and let’s be honest it just looks pretty in my bathroom.

I feel like this would make an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for someone. Pair it with some bubble bath and a candle and you have yourself a truly fabulous gift. I mean or diamonds….because who doesn’t want more diamonds? Just kidding Dylan! Sort of 😉

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3. Revlon Blow Dryer Brush

I’ve actually had this blow dryer brush for several years–I ordered it back when we were living in San Francisco. I posted about it then, but never mentioned it again because honestly I didn’t use it that much.

I rediscovered it in my drawer around Christmas and pulled it out to try again and OH. MY. GOD.

Why have I not been using this?!?!

Becoming a mom has been the BEST THING EVER, but i’ll be honest my hair has looked terrible for the last 10 months and it’s 100% Goldie’s fault. No, i’m totally kidding haha but I really don’t have a ton of time to do my hair anymore. This Revlon brush must have been invented for mama’s because it takes maybe 5 minutes to give myself an awesome blowout!

I let my hair air-dry until it’s just a little bit damp and then use the Revlon Blow Dryer Brush– it leaves my hair smooth, voluminous and slightly curled on the ends. It definitely looks like I spent way more time on my hair that I did.

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5. Averr Aglow Radiant Cleansing Nectar

I have been dealing with postpartum breakouts (lucky me!) and a friend of mine recommended this cleansing nectar. I started using it in December and am almost done with my first bottle. At first I was a little unsure—I’ve never used a waterless cleanser before and it took a little getting used to the fact that you don’t rinse it off. But now, after about 2 months of using it, I’m obsessed. I absolutely love the way it makes my skin feel.

In addition to removing dirt and makeup, the Averr cleansing nectar reduces inflammation, helps to minimize scarring, & deposits healing nutrients/antioxidants/essential fatty acids into your skin (which is why you don’t rinse it off).

I wouldn’t say it has completely rid me of all postpartum breakouts but after almost two months of using it, I feel like I’ve noticed a decrease in blemishes and my skin feels amazing– this product has recently become my favorite step of my skincare routine!

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6. Oversized Baby Playpen

This playpen has been AMAZING. Goldie girl is now officially on the move (and I mean cruising) which is wonderful but it also means that our entire house is needs to be 1000% childproof. We are lucky enough to have a playroom that is a child-safe space where we can plop her down and close the gate if I need to run to the bathroom or change a load of laundry during the day. Other than the play room, she pretty much has free range unless she’s in her high chair, jumper, or being held.

We ordered this oversized playpen for our living room (which is also open to the kitchen/dining). I wasn’t sure I wanted this large, obnoxious thing taking over our “adult” space but it has been LIFE CHANGING. First of all it keeps all of her toys confined to one area in the living room and not all over the place which I love. More importantly, we have a space that’s safe for her to be (that she actually loves being in) while we drink our morning coffee, cook dinner, mop the floors, workout… you get it.

She’s free to crawl around, pull herself up, & play, all while still being able to see me or Dylan and we don’t have to worry about what she’s getting into. I LOVE THIS PLAYPEN. If you have a bebe who is about to be mobile, or has recently become mobile, I highly highly recommend this bad boy–it’s given Dyl and I so much peace of mind.

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Thank’s for stopping by Clyde’s Corner, I hope you enjoyed perusing my January Monthly Favs ! Make sure and bring your appetite next week because I’m sharing one of my all-time favorite recipes!… On second thought maybe you should eat something before visiting Clyde’s Corner 😉

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